Monday, May 4, 2009

Intellectual Life

I’m pretty lucky in the fact that I have a group of friends (guys and girls) who enjoy debating various aspects of society. For this reason I would say that I get a pretty well-rounded education. I think college used to provide more of an intellectual life by definition because classes used to revolve around discussion instead of just lecture. I personally learn better through discussion and hands-on activity, but I know that with the college climate becoming more of a corporate model, class size doesn’t always allow for such things.

Being at Saint Mary’s I feel really lucky since I was able to get so much out of every class. Even my computer programming course- our professor would say a prayer/poem before every class. And believe me, that class required all the prayers possible- ick. But even so, everything seems so well-rounded here because it all kind of relates to each other. I may just think that way since I was in the IB program in school, but I can see the connections (and no, I’m not crazy).

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