Monday, May 4, 2009

Body Image

I have struggled with my body issues all of my life. It’s sad to think that 5 year olds are dieting today, but I can remember being aware that I was chubby when I was in 1st grade. At this point in my life I’m beginning to accept it for the way it is. I have the “ghetto booty” that’s not going anywhere and I’m ok with that. The extra pockets of pudge that refuse to budge are ok too, as long as I can camouflage them with clothes when the need arise.

As I get older, I’m realizing that the “perfect body” really is a figment of our imaginations. The fattest man in the world is still married, seemingly happily, and is even trying for children! I don’t know how that works but I prefer not to think about it. Anyway, I digress… What I’m getting at is that there’s someone out there for everyone, and in our obsession with getting to that size 2, (that would be one butt cheek for me) we fail to realize that that’s not who we truly are and trying to maintain that weight would keep us miserable and bitchy all the time.

Obviously I talk big- I still struggle with it and compare myself to the ridiculously beautiful people, but I have begun catching myself when I do it. The fact that I can catch myself and realize how silly it all is, is actually very comforting because it makes me see how much I’ve matured since being liberated at Saint Mary’s.

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