Monday, May 4, 2009

Family Values

I am a HUGE believer in family time and values. I think promoting family is critical to developing children’s morals, education, social skills, and goals. Actually there are a lot more things I could add to that list as well.

In today’s society, I think we’ve lost touch with the family. Maybe that’s because I hold more traditional views as a Catholic, but I will always believe in family dinners and spending the holidays together. I was raised that way and I know, or at least consider myself, extremely lucky to have been given that gift by my parents. All sappiness aside, the facts are that kids who are ignored and abused are usually the ones who have problems dealing with school and society’s rules.

In a feminist POV, I really want to have a career and be able to continue it while my children are still young. This creates a pretty large rift in my family ideals and career aspirations. However, thanks to the joys of feminism I know I can pull off both. I’ll just need to find a man who will be aware enough to take on additional responsibilities

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