Monday, March 23, 2009

Graphic Writing

When I first opened this book, I was pretty excited to start to read since I have never even seen this writing style before. At first I could not connect with the book because, unfortunately, I did not know much about this issue. However, after getting knee deep in the reading, I thought that I could connect with Marji. Not because I went through anything even close to what she experience but I have also felt out of place and trying to fit in even when I knew my family would be disappointed with the person I was fighting to be. I was so proud of her when she finally got out of this stage of "caring". I think she then started to become some one she was more proud of.

In the end, I was kind of upset for her that her marriage did not work out because she seemed to have such a hard time finding love so I was really cheering for her when she first found him at the party. Nevertheless, I was happy to see that she went back to Europe to become the independent woman that we all knew she was from the time she was young.

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  1. I was also excited to read Persepolis because it was my first graphic novel. I felt the same way as you. It was hard to connect to some of the issue in the book like war and life in Iran, but her more personal struggles like with friends, family, and men made it easy to relate to in that aspect.