Wednesday, April 29, 2009

old post.. Past and Racism

So today in class we were talking about racism and the question of past influence of past problems.  I in some ways believe that yes, it should be talked about but not used as a tool of "my brothers" or " my people".  I think it's great to know where someone came from to know how things have changed but the point of it was not you is very valid.  
Also i do believe that it is generational to pass racism but I also believe that it is also generational to NOT pass racism along.  If we start now trying to teach some form of  equality, just like all negativity it will eventually subside.  But also like all negativity and change it will take awhile.  It is also a regional thing.  I think it is more blatant racism in the south but more subtle when in the north.  That is a huge generalization but it really does depend on the region.
And this is the last thing i the confederate flag thing at Ole Miss today really bothered me.  This was mainly because it is simply a heritage thing it is not necessarily a racism thing.  I am from the south and my dad is from the south.  We are proud of that but because we have a few confederate flags and proudly have then elsewhere does not mean that we are racist or that it is a sign of racism.  And if I remember, it wasn't even the official flag of the confederacy.  So just because someone flies a confederate flag  does not mean that they are racist.

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  1. this is going to sound cynical, but i think there may never be a successful end to racism. not that i have given up and not that we cannot get closer to an end; however, as long as people have eyes and insecurities, there will always be racism. i know many of my friends, even ones who want to foster a world of equality, still say racist comments and preface it with saying 'sorry, i do not mean to sound racist but...'. this one friend in particular who is a staunch obama and considers herself an unshakable feminist makes racist statements (or stereotyped or generalized, however, you want to label the remarks) in regards to her workplace. she works at a restaurant and classifies people usually by the weight of their tips. and there she says she sees patterns. and patterns she does not like. so she says her work almost makes her racist.

    and this is why i think racism is far from (ever) being over. if someone outside of what is representative of you spites you in some way, it is easier to place the blame on them, on all of them. this is very animalistic, building a defense mechanism against your 'enemy.' and as a defense mechanism you continually keep note of 'those' people. if you cannot pay your rent one month, it was 'those' people who tipped you poorly. and it could have been their fault if you survive on their tips. is there any way we can learn not to blame and see there are other reasons for the pattern?

    hey, i hope i am wrong. someone make me more sunny on this topic and refute me. grazie.